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*answer all 12 questions you have been asked and create 12 people for the people you've tagged 
*Choose 12 people
*actually choose twelve people
*Tag backs are aloud

I'm not gonna get mad if you don't follow all these rules btw i'm not gonna follow them either

Tsun's questions: 

1: what's your favorite pokemon and why?

right now it's a close tie between Eevee, Slyveon, and alolan vulpix I actually do like things with a girly or cute flair. Also Eevee and Alolan Vulpix are so fluffy.

2. What's your (first) dream job?

Opening a fandom/Hot Topic esc bakery

3. What kinda of character (OC or cannon) do you like?



4. Favorite ice cream flavor? 

I eat vanilla the most

5. Any movie cliche that annoys you? 

no as long as it's done right or with originality 

6. Do you have any pets? if so tell me about them.

I have a doggo she's a 7 year papillion she's very fluffy I'll upload a picture if ya'll want- 

7. Do you prefer having the intelligence or talents? Why?

Well talents can make you cocky and unintelligent but being overly smart can make you blind to talent. and isn't being smart considered a talent?

8. What is your pet peeve?

those really awful crayons from restaurants they give and the sounds and felling when you first start coloring with them it makes me want to hurl. 

9. What made you first join DA in the first place?

drama i'll be honest

10. What kinda pizza do you like?

meat lovers, cheese, and white.

11. What color do you NOT like?

all colors are good colors

12. do you think fashion style is important 


My questions:

1. what's your favorite OC of mine and why?
2. what's your favorite thing about my art-style?
3. Favorite song currently? 
4. favorite cartoon as a child and why?
5. what's the worst thing you've ever watched/read? (Fan-made or original)
6. indie games or official?
7. worst game you've ever played?
8. what do you like most about my series Misery so far if you read it? if you haven't read it please do-
9. what do you hope you see more of in misery?
10. what was my best redesign?
11. what's your favorite art piece of mine?
12. what's your favorite art piece of yours or your most proud of?

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no NSFW related questions

nothing super personal like “where do u live hur hur,”

you can also ask question relating to my series, art, and characters.

please ask me questions I’m so bored and lonely and yes you can ask as many as you want.
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Give me shitty OCs to redesign because I wanna

1. I may not get to all of them so don’t get butthurt if I don’t use yours
2. Be sure the person who created the oc is a “kill,” or “obsessive,” fangirl or troll. If they are a decent person I won’t do it. So basically if there a cuck feel free to send me an oc of theres
3. Please do not give me someone I have already done or has been talked about to death by other people
4. They don’t have to be on this site they can also be on YT or whatever 
5. do not send me your own OCs 
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you know what I hate? Rude cunts

you know what I hate more? 

Arrogant stupid cunts.

So Toxic-the-Kitsunehog said torithewolfy should kill himself. Which is not only stopping to Tori’s level but when she gets called out for it... she gets all defensive and shitty. 

She told SparDanger, myself, and Slaweel to 

“piss off,”…

“Fuck off,” and “eat shit,”…

This bi doesn’t know what sucide baiting is. And that shits fucking illegal. 

So no you can’t just say “kill yourself,” 

because potentially you could have blood on your hands for sucide baiting.

fuck off.

Block this girl she ain’t wirth your time.

also she traces art 



Well I know what I’m redesigning next :)


Tries to lie lie and say I taggged her :^) accept she blocked me so my tags wouldn’t show up.…

doesnt change the fact you stole it. How is the original creator supposed to know?…

then leave

EDIT 2:…

Now I’m redesign both the original and his one.…

Bitch so triggered she trying to lie and say I’m fake. None of the screenshots are fake. There from Gyazo you fuckin idiot. 

“Ogres come in layers and in the case of Toxic all layers are bad,”

EDIT 3: 

Toxic-the-Kitsunehog i was just joking around before but this:…

First off you fucking self centered immature lying cunt. You stalked ME FIRST. YOU STARTED THIS HOLE SHIT STORM WHEN YOU MENTIONED MY JOURNAL. Of course I would fucking reply you arrogant fucking moron. 

Second you said rude and uneeeded shit to us and about us BEHIND OUR BACKS AFTER YOU FUCKING BLOCKED US. Which is contradictory to blocking us if you’d just gonna talk to us Indirectly. You were being rude you got called out for it. Plain and fucking simple love.

Shut the ever lasting fuck up you immature low life insensitive cunt. You have no right to call the police when YOU FUCKING STARTED IT. You won’t call the police you know why? Because they’ll see what a lying sack of shit you are. You wanna see mean honey? This isn’t fucking mean. Congratulations your a fucking dick weed and everyone knows it. I deal with people like you everyday I know how you think. Your predictablity is unerving. 

Fuck off. 


You keep trying to bullshit love I’ll keep sipping my soda.

EDIT 5:…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone’s triggered



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Block MegaBendyFangirl and spread this journal plz
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EvaTheHarasser by MyDoggyCatMadi
EvaTheHarasser2 by MyDoggyCatMadi
these were in the comments section of two of my video's i reported them both 

Madi fuckin wins

Long live the queen
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Tagged By Banablahbread 


1. Post these rules

2. Post 8 facts about your character 

3. Tag some other people along with the characters you want them to write about

4. Post there avatars and write there character names next to them


1. He actually sheds the crystals like lizard skin. They’ll just fall off randomly every few months.

2. He can shape shift but only into things his size. 

3. He was caught in a chemical factory explosion with two other guys who he now bounty hunts with 

4. He doesn’t remember much from his past. He only remembers that he had to move from Italy because of a debt his family owed to an Italian maifia. Anything after that is a blur or he doesn’t want to talk about. 

5. He isn’t always super fluent in English. Which is why he doesn’t talk much. It’s embarrassing when he fumbles on his words and pauses.

6. His skin is super toxic and acidic as we’ve previously stated. But the explosision made his stomach acids even more acidic so he can basically eat almost anything. Tho he prefers human food. 

7. Smoking doesn’t effect him but alcohol does. Although his organs are still intact so puntruing them is fatal. 

8. He’s Asexual but for some reason always transforms himself into a hot stud. No one gets why he does this.

Bonus: the reason he likes storm is because of all the blues he where’s it reminds him of a blueberry dress his little sister used to where. That and he acts like her too :^) 

I taggggg

Tsuuuuuun Osiria (The Shaymin Gijinka) 


Queen-Tammy Leaf (Shiny chikorita) 

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The podcast on Ashley I made with had some technical difficulties. So what I’m gonna do is hold a livestream. This will only be me in the podcast do to my computer not always working when I need it and having more than one person in call while screensharing will literally kick me out of the call. So I’m gonna do that and hopefully my live reactions without a script will be better than most videos of the sort. Just to clarify I will NOT just be bashing Ashley. I want to go over the pros and cons of her art, writing and general attitude. Though she may not always ACT decent she is human. 

I want to make a list of things to talk about-


-her art is semi decent
-her character designs are pretty good


-her general attitude towards everyone
-her character isn’t interesting or coherent 
-the way she writes Ash is boring
-her anatomy 
-her shading
-her linework
-her romance stories are uninteresting and desperately try to be interesting.
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*lmao madi has way to many ideas* 
so sense I don’t have core and Presidents’ Day is coming up which means I’m basically gonna lock myself in my room after a week of final exams I’ll probbaly have a drawing hankering
because I’m gonna spend most of my time drawing and sketch concept and story boards for my game and finishing that fucking New Years requests 
(I haven’t forgotten it I swear) 

so take a vote on shit you wanna see please vote one per catergory category’s being the stuff that isn’t bolded. If you don’t have a fav you don’t have to vote in that catergory I just want something to draw man. I like drawing fusions of characters for some reason 


Toxi x Pancake
Sammy x Leon 
Serena x Ash

SU fusions:
Aquamarine x Pink Diamond
Aquamarine x Pearl
Aquamarine x Steven 
(There only Aquamarine I couldn’t tell you why) 

Drama Related: 
Tammy x Logan Paul
Tammy x Ace
Tammy x Ashley 
Ashely x Misty 
Ace x Addison (if you guys don’t know who that is here:… shout out to LucifersStarDust man. Good shit.) 

Zane x Kawaii-Chan 
Soul x Madi 
XxcreepyhoodxX x Rowan
Soul x Maka
(I couldn’t think of any good ones for the random section :V) 
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Me: i'm not gonna make this shot Soul

Soul: Well the deal is you make this shot you have to play so there's nothing for you to worry about

Me: yeet- *throws the ball and it makes it in the net* .... i'm gonna go die now-

Soul: nope come here

Me: noooooooo Soul i'll kick you please i don't wanna aaaaaa have mercy

Soul: no mercy 

Soul: madi sleep

Me: no 

Soul: *starts laying on me* Madi sleep

Me: Soul stoooooooooop 

Soul: sleep

Me: aaaaaaa your butts to heavyyyyyyyyyyyy

Soul: Your butts to light


Me: *Slams head on desk*


Me: ow i didn't mean to ow owwwwww


Me: I don't knowwwwwwwww

Soul: Madi You're such an idiot- 


Soul: Take a break

Me: you can't make me- 

Soul: *picks me up*

Me: shit Soul no-

Soul: Soul yes

Me: y do you do this to meeeeeeee

Soul: because you torment me everyday

Me: oh yeah 

Soul: Madi why did i find a stash of candy hidden in my room

Me: because I'min you room more than in my own

Soul: .... can we share at least?

Me: yeah 

Me: maka if i said i was in love with Soul would you Maka chop me as hard as you can?

Maka: no i'd ask you why the fuck your in love with Soul 

Delilah: I don't like you 

Soul: you've expressed

Delilah: Madi constantly talks about you it's not fair!

Soul: she does?

Delilah: even in her sleep! I here her dreaming about you! It's always about you and her making music together and songbirds whatever that means!

Soul: omg 

Delilah: what? 

Soul: nothin 
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Hey hey Tammy 707Fangirl 

stop trying to make this shit about you. 
You made a girl. 
So fucking sad. That she considered and maybe even HAS taken her own life. How can you sit your fat little cunt self and say shit like:

”she’s overracting,” 
“I don’t want anymore hate,” 
“I’m sorry,” 
“I’m not a liar,” 

you know what this tells me Tammy? It proves that you don’t give a SHIT. About human life. So I’m gonna grab your legs and slam you back down in reality and not just for a moment I intend to keep you here: no amount of you shoving your disgusting greasy little sausages in your big wax filled ears. With a flimsy wall of excuses and the stupidiest of hiding places will save you.

i don’t wanna here “leave me alone!” I wanna here your account be silenced. I wan it gone like Tsun. The difference is. Well remember Tsun. When I take you down. Well fucking celebrate it. And then you’ll be the butt of a few horrible examples of deviants for awhile. That’s all you’ll ever amoung to Tammy.

in the real world people don’t fucking care about how you feel. There gonna tell you what they fucking want. No matter of “your a bully!” Is gonna fucking fix that. They will LAUGH at you Tammy. They will laugh at your stupidity and how fucking immature you sound. You’ll sound like a little kid on the playground that just got called stupid and not only are you bawling your eyes out: your fucking kicking and screaming. 

In the real real world of art. Creating things is hard and you’ll have to be original. You’re not sorry for stealing Tsun’s characters. You’re sorry you got caught. Every. Single. Time. That’s how much you didn’t give a shit. Wow it’s almost like your self aware of how shit you are as a human being. Btw I’m still waiting on someone to send this to her:…
I’m serious I want you to fill this out. prove to me you can at least do that cunt.

oh but I know what your gonna say: “bwah it’s to long,” yeah well you wanna be in the game design or... ANY design or ANY self fulfilling work in the art world Tammy? Tough. Shit. Laziness will not be rewarded. It means you’ll be kicked out and panded universally by critiques. Sorry tough break who knew you’d actually have to FUCKING EARN your keep.

i like how you have a complete lack of respect for everyone btw. You only treat people nice when they could benefit you. Thats what you did with me Tammy. I remember you trying to sweet talk me and stay on my good side. You even tried to comment about yourself when I got FUCKING DOXXED. lmao Un-be-fucking-bastarding-lievable. You have a complete disrespect for everyone but you. You didn’t even shed a tear for Tsun when she left. No fucks where given about her. Yeah fuck off. And what did you do when people tried to call you out? YOU TRIED TO DEFEND YOURSELF. YOU. DONT. DO. THAT. SHIT. You potentially have BLOOD on your hands Tammy. HUMAN. BLOOD. Whose to say Tsun’s family isn’t looking for you either hm? Ohhhh they’ll be far less forgiving than me honey. And I’m already bloody pissed off. Hah but what should I have expected? All you care about are fictional characters lives. Not your own. Not anyone else’s. You just wanna sit down and masterubate to the characters that are way to fucking good for you.

i can not WAIT till the day you get out of school Tammy. That day when you realize your a fucking adult. And you won’t be able to piggy back off your parents. What will you do then? Because no one is gonna fucking help you Tammy. 
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I have told my mom about the situation. Where gonna try and find a way to go in anonymous. Where not sending it to her parents. But to her school that will notify her parents. And just to be sure Tammy does go to middle school correct? I want all my facts straight. 

so yes. I want a compilation of all edvidence. Every little bit helps and please link me to it all so I don’t have to go digging for it.
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Ok so this will hopefully be the last journal on our friend Eva…

lemme Get this straight PrincessRavenLover18 

showing edvidence and defending myself. Defending my friends. Trying to keep toxic people off of DA. Showcasing toxic people on DA. That’s bullying.

but lying about being friends with Slaw and lying about her threatening you. Calling me a bitch and a bully falsely. Threatening to punch me in the face. Supporting a follower that has openly said they’d HURT someone over internet drama. Blocking people that criticize you. Being a hypocrite. Not showing edvidence of your claims. Not giving out the full story. Not being honest with your watchers. Yes that’s comepltely fine. 



but yeah this isn’t just straights up harassment. 
Im done.

i don’t care is she sends her sheep after me.
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your nothing but a fucking sheep.……

Bark bark. 

So to conclude: Eva or PrincessRavenLover18 is nothing but a liar and her followers are nothing but blind idiot sheep. 

you guys are the cyber bullies for 
1. Threatening us over shit we didnt do.
2. Lying.

fuck. Off.

spread this like wild fire my sweethearts ;)
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Its like 2:00 am and I just discovered this.
who is responsible for this gift sent from the heavens? 
My god.
i think this lady just cured my cold.
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This has to do with something really important to me so just don’t ask questions aight? Just answer:

do you guys know of any weird or unknown desserts or junk food? This can range from beverages, junk food, or baked goods etc etc. (as long as it’s “unhealthy”) 

please please please share it can be a family recipe to just a really weird foriegn dish. Idc just show me your best. I need it for something.
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Madi is venting again guys oh boy

im gonna try to go from worst to less worse 

if anyone wants edvidence I’ll give it to you. Though I may not provide all because there have been so many instances where I just didn’t care and didn’t bother to screenshot it. But believe me when I say this did happen.

- has gotten a boner from a underaged minor and public posted a “drawing,” of himself with a boner. 

- lied about his age he orginally said he was 14 though he has been banned by the staff two times already for being underaged. And he said he was born year of the dog. Last year of the dog was 2006. I guess it accurately depicts him because he’s a fucking dog. 

- he stole Aiden Moonshine from AidenLunarLight originally but that’s not all not he’s copying and stealing other artworks and characters:…
None of these works are original. 
Toxinite is a rip-off of one of my fakemon 
spaz is a rip-off of SparDanger 
and the redesigns are absolute shit.
and he’s copied some of my joke art too.

- bitches and moans most of the time when you don’t draw his character right 

- complains about other people’s characters for unfair reasons like “you have fingerless gloves,” or “you character has the same parsonality traits as mine,” 

He’s a massive hypocrite: 
this need its hole fucking section. I’m gonna try to think of every single time he’s been a hypocrite to something

- calls characters rip-offs that don’t even relate to him < proceeds to make Rip-offs of those people’s characters

- complains when someone steals his art or his character < redesigns good or decent OCs without permission, draws over top of other people’s works, and makes shitty knock-off villain versions of other people

- says he’s a good person < refuses to better better himself and when he is critized he will block you. 

- has tried calling me out for making sweets and being a baker < proceeds to make two fictional fast food places 

he has done these thing multiple times in the past with a few acceptions. 
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Four months.

four months guys. 

And wanted is still shitting himself because I argued with his that one time about a goddamn troll. That’s just bloody amazing. 

Wanted-Dead and Biscuit-Snorter y’all can think what you want. You can think I’m... “Sperging,” or whatever the fuck. I could give less of a damn. Both your followers are just mindless drones that bite into whatever shit that spews out of your mouth because you use big boy words. The comments section about Demon Slayers status post, the comments section of demons journals, and the comements section of my last journal on wanted proves this. 

Also wanted why why are you calling me a Virgin like it’s an insult? If anything it’s compliment for at the time of this journal I am 16 so yes I am a Virgin. to bad for me I guess for being able to not wanting to have sex? Ok. If your going to meme make it dirive from something actually hurtful I really don’t care if I’m a Virgin or not.

tbh I don’t have a lot to say to Wanted other than he’s just another drone that can’t handle some 16 year old argued with him about shit one time. 

So lemme Get this straight demon. You get onto Dice case because he broke DA guidelines. And tried to fix in the time you’ve where harassing him. By unfaving the pictures of the lolicons and deleting all the shit that wasn’t his. And you still treat him like he was hell in carnet? And then get mad when you get banned for ban evasion which is against DA guidelines? Something you hold very very dear apperently. Because if you break DA guidelines in your eyes suddenly the person is Adolf Hitler and need to be harassed and trolled through multiple accounts. Because he did something bad one time. 

And no the arguement that “ITS DAMAGE CONTROL AND HES JUST A COWARD BWAAH,” is fucking retarded. He wasn’t trying to get you to leave him alone. You cause the poor guy so much stress. Over what? Some stolen pictures and some Lolis? Because yeah that totally makes you the better man. He assured us the loli pics where just because he found the art pieces beautiful and the girls in them attractive but not in sexual way. Tbh we both could argue back and forth if loli is bad or not and tbh I don’t want to have that conversation. On the principal that Japan and the United States laws are massively different when it comes to the age of constant. Personally I like to find lolis just cute and innocent things and prefer not to think of what some American middle age men or women wants to do to them in the naughtiest of ways. Not that I ever felt like Dice would do that just using it as an example and a joke. Because I know how much you like to Nitpick Demon. And he knew it would get him in trouble. So he’s not gonna do it again. 

What exactly is your problem with him?

trolling is not an excuse. He tried to stop doing what you thought was wrong and it STILL wasn’t good enough for you. 

I’m not gonna say that I don’t doubt Emperor from time to time i disagreed with some of the things he did. But he’s not a bad guy. He’s gonna try to do better. And no that comment that one of his fans left was uncalled for. And it was unjustified. I get Demon is also trying to make DA a better place. Which is a respectable goal. But this is NOT the way to do it. 

So now im gonna relish in all this attention the wanted and demon slayer love children are giving me. 

Or just wanted because he has nothing better to do then talk shit about a 16 year old girl that makes memes and dumb anime series for a living.

Because i assure you whenver they comment it’s fucking magic. 

Its like a work of art XD


To no ones surprise one of Demons little goons tried to make a video on me.

spoilers it just him reading out my journal…

So yeah he is techincally right trolling is an art form. But Demons version of trolling is bad. and can be very harmful. He went after a person that yes was flawed. (Something that apparently I didn’t make clear because Kratos states that I got upset that he and demon where criticizing my friends.) Eventually did do the right thing and conformed to Demons wishes in hopes Hefner leave him alone. Because it was stressing the poor guy out. He literally wasn’t doing anything wrong yet they still harassed him. 

Also they still assume that I’m mad. The only thing I can really argue with that is that I’m not. Which isn’t very convincing but again whatever I just thought I’d point it out. They can think what they want to think there just a bunch of trolls. 


this will hopefully be my final edit but I want to get a few points across:

One other thing is they constantly hide behind trolling as an excuse. Because it’s not in the definition of cyberbullying. Here’s There problem with that: so if someone was annoying you following you around all day talking shit and saying what a horrible person you are: you wouldn’t consider that bullying or at least harassment? And when said person gets called out for there behavior they gets called a sperg fag or a sensitive pussy. Yes it may not be in the text book definition of cyberbullying but it’s still talking down to someone when there just trying to be a good person. You don’t do that shit in real life so why do it online? I don’t care if it’s “the art of trolling,” if your going to piss someone off piss someone off that’s actually causing harm and being a rude or mean person. It’s still not ok. Dice wasn’t doing any harm last time I checked. He was just trying to move on and once again people treated him like he was hell incarnate. Why? Because of some fucking Lolis. Have some fucking common sense why don’t you all? 
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