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Here we have um IvyTheEmpathy version 2.0 
um far more salty version. Just block them you guys. 
waste of your time.
Plasticqueenie Plastic12 
to queenie: take a long fucking sip from the fountain of shut the fuck up. 
I ain’t got time for stupid ass hoes.
get a job 
get a hobby 
suck a dick…

Heres all the evidence of them being a cuck lord provided by one of my friends in the Pokemon Aurora Lights discord chat. I’m gonna keep them anonymous so Queenie doesn’t shit her pants and start bwaaing to her. 

bringing back dead vines sense 2001 :V 

Jesus Christ 

take a shot everytime they make a stupid arguement. 

You’d get alcohol poisoning.
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Girl you fucked with the wrong bitch. Bark bark. 

For those of you who are curious the comments I flagged as spam was her telling me I was full of it.

Um no? Your just a pansy that can’t admit she’s wrong :) you blocking me proves that.

excuse my slight salt but I hate stupid ignorant people like this. But I still want you guys to block her. And maybe send her this journal too :) maybe through archive? Yeahhhh. Now my 500 watchers know how immature you are. 


Im not sure what this journal is. So are request open or not? I’m so confused guys
But I don’t think it really matters because…



oh nooooooooooo
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Alice goes to Wonderland to escape the harsh relaities of life. Her parents died in a fight. A black man had a gun a white had a knife. Both dead by the end of the night. 

A women gave her the poison apple of lust. A man gave her no reason to trust. Both of there eyes filled with sexual desires and greed. So she followed the kind rabbit that offered her tea. 

They pushed her down for calling them she. Anger and rage filled there body unessicarily you see. And there enemy of he and she didn’t help at all. In fact they laughed as Alice bawled. But the hatter picked her up. And scolded them both saying there was no reason to shove. 

A homosexual pulled out a knife. A hetero pulled out a gun. The mouse bravely shielded Alice until the fighting was done.

Everyone was fighting and struggling some burned at the cross some heads where cut off. But even the queen of hearts said that was nice fun. 

Why did Alice have to get mixed up into this. Thrown into a fight she wanted nothing to do with. She didn’t care about what who did what. She just wanted to play and have fun. 

so she goes to wonderland. Where everyone is happy and safe. Where people can always share different ideals in one place. 

Thats her idea of what a perfect place was. 

A place where she could go back to the simple times. 

To the child she once was. 
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This is the script for the commentary video on TheRealAshleyKetchum I was goin to do so you’ll see some editing requests in the script for my editor. I’m uploading this because I haven’t been working on the video this was made for and now it’s super late. So I’m uploading this as an apology and sense there are no really good rants on Ashley. I apologize this one isn’t all the pretty either. This IS a script but I hope that doesn’t no squabble any of much points. 

Ashley orgiginal video:…

Mad Dog Commentary’s: Ep 1: TheRealAshleyKetchum: Lets Not Catch Them All


My Content is purely for criticism purpose please do not attack the user I am commentating on in question. I wish to help them improve. Though some of these jokes might be considered rude. You have been warned.*

*have my soul avatar over the forest and pumpkin house where Blair lives* 

I’ve been walking around Death City for awhile.... this avatars skin is starting to stink.... I should really wash it.... hm maybe I should look in that box I found last video *shuffling noises and my avatar slightly tilts down making it look like I’m picking a box up and as I name off the characters you show them on screen* lets see.... heather from silent hill, Toko from Danganronpa,.... *pulls out Mangle from FNAF* the fuck is this doing in here? *throws it away* get that overrated furry trash outta here! Hm.... oh! I have two Pokémon characters (oh yeah by the way I’m commentating on some Pokémon weeb)... Gladion and..... oh.... oh noooo *avatar changes to serena* lord you have made a GRAVE error todaaaaaaaaay- 


So for to give context for this video Obsessed Deviants ay degree 2 made a rant video on TheRealAshleyKetchum at degree 1 a deviant art user that makes..... questionable art. Such as: *show example of the thing I’m talking about add another example after each sentence* ash Ketchum getting sexually aroused by a cat person. Be over protective of Ash. Over sexualizing her character. Bad anatomy. Her hating on misty. And just all around being a general Deviantart weeb. *stop showing Ashley’s art* Also quick disclaimer I won’t only be critiquing Ashley’s video because let’s face it if you’ve managed to get through Ashley’s full, video god bless your soul, you know that spoiler it gets extremely repetitive and boring. So I’m gonna commentate on this and also say everything wrong with her art style, how she portrays these herself and other characters, and just her overall attitude. So I’m gonna break off into not really small tangents talking about things besides the video. And I will be at degree 0 And I’ll also be showing Obsessed Deviants video instead of Ashley’s because her completely lack of editing makes the original audio sound much much worse and I don’t want you guys to get bored. 

If you know me I’ve taken my fare share of stabs at Ashley. *show examples mid last sentence* And she recently had an ED page *show ed page* so why not do a commentary on her am I right? 


*video of her plays only a small portion just beginning*

*vomiting the avatars head tips out of frame to give the illusion I vomiting* ohgodiwasntready AAAAA- ok first off I might as well get this out of the way and critique her art style her fingers look like sharpened sticks of wood. *zoom in to the fingers as I say the finger thing* She apparently has six fingers because the thumb is supposed to be closer to the worst not right next to the finger. *moves the camera to be head* The head in the hair don’t match up. I’m assuming you just draw the hair first then draw a chin. It looks more natural if you draw the hole head first then the hair on top *move to the tail* The tail looks like it’s been mangled and run over by a bus. Cat tails are supposed to be.... kinda a mix between a rubber hose and long ballon for making ballon animals your tail seems a bit to short and thick and it just doesn’t look right. *have it go back to death city and my avatar* I know she recently change the design but Incase she decides to make another character other than her own it’s good to know these thing in the future. *show her big ol tits* And I’d be damn if I didn’t talk about her big fucking milk makers. I think I should start off with it’s ok to have big old titties on an oc. Heck I have... a lot of those. *montage of big ol titty OCs*
hell I even have a Pokémon oc with double D’s. *show picture of Mary* But because there wastes aren’t the size of a twig it’s believable and I wouldn’t complain if she was going for a more cartoonish style. But the problem is anime styles with the acception of heads with those big fucking KAWAII DESUNEEEE eyes are very detailed and most of the time realistic. Unless your doing a perspective shot *show an image of a reference of of an anime girl looking up but we can see most of her body I’ll probably give you the example and only keep it up for while I’m talking about it* most of the time the waist of the same size as the boobs. Or at least the boob are one a tiny bit bigger idk it all depends. So all I can say is use references. Refrence your dog your cat do poses in the fucking mirror and take pictures and refrence those. I don’t careeee just stop pulling a Blackstar in the final chapter of the soul Eater manga *show the full scene of him yelling saying he can just use muscle to hold himself up*…
where he uses pure muscle to hold himself up after he broke his spine BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW DAMN WELL HER SPINE IS NOT IN TACT RIGHT NOW- 

Also I hope you like this picture because it’s what you’ll be seeing for the rest of the video. A 28 minute long video of not visual gags.... no showing of the original video just Ashley’s big ol titties for 28 fucking minutes. BECAUSE ITS NOT LIKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS NEED SOME AMOUNT OF EFFORT TO BE FUNNY OR AT LEAST ENTERTAINING OR ANYTHING?! Also did I mention the video Ashley is talking about is two years old and Obsessed Deviants hasn’t mentioned her in like.... probably over a year? So this is implying she even fucking cares about you anymore Ashley.... So you literally have no reason of doing this just to bring up old drama... for no fucking reason. 

 [play 1:03-1:08]

Your calling them a bitch for a video that is two years old... classy. And again implying she’s even talking about you let alone insulting you anymore. 

[play 1:19-1:40]

Actually you won’t be fine because you somehow drag this video on for ALMOST 30 MINUTES 

You guys will see later in the video how much not scripting comes around to bite Ashley with how much she repeats herself. 


You know FlipConverter is free right? The audio sounds much nicer when you download the video and put it in your editing software. “Oh but Madi!” You all cry “she might not have a good editor” well there are several ways to fix this

-hire an editor 

Which I doubt she has any friends that can really edit and I doubt she has the money to pay a professional. 

-or download a better software

There are quite a few good kinds cheap softwares out there

-or actually learn how to use the damn software

The one I used to use before hiring an editor was MovieEditor and it was only 50 to 60 dollars and if you don’t have that money I don’t know save up? I mean I’d rather have some amount of quality in my videos than none or and I have yet to download this one but I have heard of hitfilm express it was something that another YouTube ranter told me about that works similar to Sony Vegas I believe he told me it was free and it works similarly to Sony Vegas. I mean I’ve yet to try Hitfilm because I’m a lazy cunt but anything’s better than staring at one picture of cat big mc’ tits for 30 minutes again. And yeah I know at least she says she tries to make the audio sound good but it still doesn’t excuse the fact on how visually boring this hole video is. I also like how she proceeds to call the video “shitty” like it’s Even worse than her content when really there content at the time was on the same level of quality Ashley’s videos are now. And even then their video had something going ON with them. They showed different picture through-out the entirety of the video instead of just ONE. And if you don’t want to use either of those things well. Learning is free I’ve seen absolutely amazing videos with the software your using ashley. So I can assume there computers aren’t all that great either. My main example. SIR FUCKING FLUFF. LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT HOW GOOOOOOD. Serve that to me on a silver platter I’ll be tha happiest girl in the world you know what I’m saying WHEW


Two things 

  1. You call there voices annoying without giving any reason why you think there voice is annoying and even then you bringing it up is pointless sense you can’t change your voice that’s just how you sound. This is more of a you problem than a problem with the actual video I get that rants by definition you venting your own personal feelings to us. But if you don’t bring actual valid arguments to the table where not gonna take your side. Especially in a video when you want us to be on your side.
  2. You imply there only judging you on just your art-style. Um.... no? As we see later in the video we see that they do more than that. not just your art style but your grammar, attitude, and writing. Now granted at the time they could’ve done much... MUCH better job of criticizing you but at the end of the day this generalization that there just attacking because of your “style” is still a generalization and you still made that assumption that there jelly because of your big titter totters.

[skip 2:55-3:57]

[Her bitching about how people call her a troll. There’s nothing really to argue with here. At least nothing that’s not gonna make the video redundant later and She repeats the point of Obsessed Deviants being a child which does nothing but pads out the video. I’ve already explained why this point is pointless not doing it again]


Th-that’s it? Your not gonna address what they said? Your just gonna say something just as pointless as what they said. Good FUCCCCCK. Not to mention it was a completely misopportunity to make a good point. Like I said what they said in the video about you was kinda pointless as well. I’m talking to Obsessed now and yes you can jump from video to video commentating on it shut up. Ok she has a big donation pool? So if she really was a troll like you said that should be expected that’s something fairly common among them. You pointing out the obvious is well again pointless. Ok she has a big donations pool with a dumb message.... so what? Why is that bad exactly? Jumping back to Ashley what they did wasn’t slander. Yeah sure the point was bad. Like really bad. But it wasn’t slander. They didn’t call your name, threaten, or lie about you in that donation pool statement. The only thing they did was just.... read your donation pool. They didn’t say anything other than that. If you wanna consider the troll thing a lie (which has nothing to do with the point but I’m sure you’ll bring it up anyway) well I’ll address why its also not slander later in the video. 


What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Are you gonna explain? You gave us a reason but you did tell us why that is. You didn’t actually defend yourself you just said “oh lol it’s Christmas so it’s ok” like what? Why not just explain it now? You already took 30 minutes of our fucking time might as well go for 35. And before anyone says “she probably means it’s only up around Christmas because she wanted moneys for Christmas.” I mean like it could be. Honestly her hole statement is just so fucking vague I can’t tell what she’s trying to convey to us. Please leave in the comments what this un-Kawaii big potatoed cat is trying to tell us I can’t understand its foreign language. *put up a screenshot of the donation pool* Also at the time your donation pool was recent. Because the video your talking about is a year old. Que? 

[skip 4:37-6:00]

[Ashley just calling Obsessed Deviants annoying without a point. She also complains about clothes in her winter picture. Saying it’s an indoor thing even though there’s no way for the girls to know that.....



Ok so first off your “jammed keyboard” is not an excuse. Because spell check exist and guess what. It even works on deviantart!!! *show a screenshot of it working for DA*... praise our lord and savior. *quickly flash a picture of Soul when I’m saying this* And if you don’t know how to turn it on because you have it turned off for... some fucking reason. Well.... you have internet.... look it up. Takes literally 30 seconds of your time. Also when have they ever spoken out against you besides when they talk about your art? Or god save my soul for using this word “hated” on you? Sure they’ve been sarcastic but other than that.... what have they done exactly? And again if your gonna bring up the troll comment. Where getting there. Eventualllyyyyyyy. 


I-it’s really not because spellcheck exits.... all you gotta do is right click! AND THERE IT IS!!! 


Again humor is subjective also *dramatic metal gear solid music plays as it zooms into the date of Obsessed Deviants video* IMPLYING THEY STILL THINK ITS FUNNY BECAUSE SENSES OF HUMOR CAN CHANGE OVER TIME. ESPECIALLY AFTER A YEAR. *show there comment of junkies video saying the video on Ashley was bad* Second thing is your one to talk about tangents you turned a 10 minute video into a 30 minute long one. And even then there “tangent” was like 1 minute long. 


Pointless intervention pointless intervention. If you got nothing to say, don’t bring it up. This is why, your video is to fucking long, what the point of this statement? Also your the one that posted nudes of yourself and constantly gives ash what’s basically an anime boner aka nosebleeds and you post sexual stuff all the time. *show examples* Suck my dick you have no room to talk. 


But that’s what there there to do. The title of the video is “Deviant Art Review - TheRealAshleyKetchum” Review.... meaning there gonna give there opinions on it. And they thought your art at the time was bad.... moving on. Also before I forget another thing that really irks me about this video is Ashley speaks like Obsessed Deviants still feel this way about her art. And still review art this way when in fact this isn’t the case. Because Obsessed Deviants has expressed distaste in there old video. *show screenshot from there comment on junkies video* Stop implying that they’d still say the same thing if they had remade the video on you today knowing the knowledge they does now. It. Looks. Fucking. Stupid. Of course the arguments are gonna be dated as fuck it’s a year fucking old. And no I’m not gonna drop this point because it’s what makes most of the video fucking fall apart it be one thing if she actually brought good arguments to the table. But she doesn’t it’s just shit that falls out of her mouth. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. *it slowly zoomed in on my avatars face as I say this and gets redder and then the avatar shakes a little at those last three bits* 

[Skip 9:27-10:13]

[Her complaining about Obsessed Deviants complaining about the art. This is again pointless because the point of Obsessed Deviants video is to talk about things they don’t like about her art.]



O-oh your expecting me to argue with that? Your expecting me to refute something. So fucking retarded and rude that my brain literally can’t comprehend it? No I’m just gonna let it sink it. Just gonna let her comment sink in. Because you know. I don’t have to catch every single Pokémon. I like skitty. But I don’t like this one. It’s rude I tried to give it fish and it hissed at me. Nah nah nah. IM GONNA GO GET SOME MOTHER FUCKING ADVIL FOR THIS STUPID FUCKING HEADACHE.




*my voice sounds all echoey and my avatar is slowly sliding across the screen* 

No dad you can’t make me go back. You can’t make me go back to the basement. I WONT LET YOU PUT ME IN THE BASEMENT WITH THE CAT TITTIES AGAIN DAAAAAD. 

[skip 11:44-13:06]

[pointless banter of Obsessed Deviants and pointless Ashley interjection and then she talks about her throat hurting. And then Obsessed Deviants make a sarcasm or whatever it’s humor it’s subjective.

Probably wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t make pointless interjections just saying.

Fucking scrub.]



So wait. You swearing at them, calling them names such as autistic and retarded, telling your watchers to report ender which by the way hasn’t been mentioned at all sense the beginning of the video might I add. Those aren’t attacks? And if you wanna make the argument “W-Waaah they attacked me first” *i’m gonna make a funny picture of Ashley crying to put here it spins while she says first* that’s not an excuse. What they did was not nearly as bad as what you’ve done. It also makes you hypocrite by being a bully yourself. Also again it’s a Review. I’ve already went over this point. Not going over it again. 

[skip 13:24-16:06]

[dumb accusations of Ashley having a 10 year old sister drawing her art or something being thrown around n shit not important. Also keyboard thing again. Also anime references are made. Also Ashley pointlessly interjects again. Also random talk about someone else’s oc that Ashley drew. Ashley talks about how she’s glad about her friend not being attacked. More talking. Ashley interjects talking about how she can only draw Ashley and accuses them of making fun of her for that. (Spoilers they didn’t they only laugh.) ]


Everything.... in this video. Is either pointless. Or really bad petty arguments. Guys. If this is what the rest of the video is. If it’s just her saying pointless and or shit she’s already said. Than I’m just skipping the rest of the video and skipping to my final thoughts.



I’m so fucking tempted to skip to my final thoughts right now. But I know if I did my inner writer would never forgive myself. (Yeah damn right bitch!) *a miniature version of me comes out of the corner and shakes* so remember how I said I wasn’t just gonna critique her video? Yeah it’s about that time my dudes. just because a character isn’t over powered or a Mary Sue doesn’t mean she’s not bad. people say she’s bad is because you put no effort into her back story or relationship with Ash. It’s not well written.... at all. I even made a hole journal on why Ash x Ashley is such bad writing *show journal* Mary-Sues tend to have no personality. And Ashley seems to be lacking one. Her being and Tsundere and a Yandere and labeling her as one doesn’t help. You just slapping random personality traits on there doesn’t make a character. Interactions is another form of characterization. Give her a back story, give her motives for the things she does, give us a reason to fucking care. That’s what I did with your redesign which I renamed Ashi. I made her your sister who you mistreated but eventually she goes out on her own journey to find you because your father asked her too. But she mostly spends time making friends. She’s hardy, stubborn, and kinda clueless she can even be rude at times. But really she just wants friends. Also your gorgiest gave Ashi her egg knowing she’d need a partner one day. Call me spiteful if you want people still find her interesting and fun to write, that’s all I can ever ask for. And I’ve only scratched the surface of her story. The reason why I enjoy her character and others enjoy her is because I actually put forth the effort into giving her some kinda back story. Which you don’t do at all. You just slap a bunch of personality traits on her and say “oh she loves ash” and call it a fucking day. It’s lazy and it’s the reason people don’t like Ashley all that much. 

[skip 18:08-18:24]

[pointlessness nothing having to do with anything moving on] 


I-its still morally wrong. He’s still metaphorically your sibling. It’s still wrong. If people want to argue with me on that I’ll leave some articles in the description and even if it isn’t it doesn’t make up for you shitty attitude towards others. 

[skip 18:54-19:10]

[POINTLESS] *the skip screen gets a bit demented*


I find it hard to respect you with insults like “small brain”. Maybe if you stopped being such a bitch to everyone even people that are trying to help you you’d actually get some damn respect and people would start respecting to you more. You don’t fucking expect respect you fucking earn it. And you have done nothing respectable throughout this entire video. 


And this is gonna bite you in the ass later. Also we’re just gonna cut out the self advertisement but because. I don’t want her advertising on my channel. 


And your lack of editing, script, or any fucking planning at all catches up to you. Yeah you um... you know how you got on her ass for not knowing the Pokémon. And then she proceeded to say she doesn’t play pokemon? Yeah um.... bet you feel pretty fucking stupid right now. I was wondering when this was gonna happen. 


That brings up a question: why are you covering this video then? If you know you old art is shit why are you ranting about a video covering your old shitty art? In fact why do you care about a two year old video in the first place?! I’m still mad about it guys... can you tell? 


I’ll give you that one but only because there wording was off. Here have a cookie. *have my avatar throwing a cookie a Ashley* But even then that doesn’t refute the other point they made that your traditional looks better than your digital. Also it’s fucking neko you uncultured swine. 


Yeah I know I made the point Ashley’s a hypocrite before. But hypocrisy doesn’t mean wrong. If your self aware about that hypocrisy and are trying to improve upon yourself then that’s fine good for you. But Ashley isn’t self aware about how rude she is or how annoying her typos are and isn’t trying to improve herself in the slightest. I mean unless you wanna count those implants on her OCs tits, but true beauty has always been on the inside for me. 

[skip 23:28-23:46]

[I’m getting stabbed from all the points in the pointlessness] 


Is your memory the size of a goldfish? 


Literally all they did was laugh. They could you know just be laughing at your joke? Because jokes are supposed to be funny. You accused them attacking you when they haven’t said anything yet. and you also jumped on there ass because they accused you of things now your jumping to conclusions because your accusing of them of something they haven’t even said yet to be an attack. Consistency. Learn about it. Tell your friends. Oh wait you don’t have any... SHIT- 


Misty hasn’t appeared as Ash’s travel buddy in a long fucking while and she only appeared in the Sun and Moon series as a cameo because it was Pokémon’s 20th anniversary. Also Crobat is our fucking lord and savior how fucking dare you- *put a bunch of pictures of Toxi and Crobat on the screen* 


You can dislike a character all you want that’s fine. You can even have a poor reason for liking a character. But it’s when you misrepresent such a beloved and nostalgic character for so many people. She’s the first partner Ash ever had in the anime from such a beloved franchise what do you expect? People not to correct you on something so important to the Pokémon anime? Misty’s hardy but she’s not jealous or dumb if she was dumb she wouldn’t be a leader of her own freakin gym. Also she’s never been confirmed for wanting to be with Ash the closest we ever got to a love interest for Ash was Serena in the X and Y anime. ROLL THE KISSING CLIP 


Mmmmmm n-no hold your point back till your final thoughts you can do this Madi.... 


Ya just gotta hold it in for a little while longer.... it’ll all be over soon.





You didn’t. you really fucking didn’t. 

Ok... final thoughts time: Ashley your right. Your 100% absolutely right. About one fucking thing in this entire video. People can like whatever the hell they want. As long as it’s not illegal. Putting Ash into an incest like relationship when his canonical age (and no it doesn’t matter if he’s 18 in your cannon in the eyes of the law and DA he’s still a child.) is 10-12 you can serve time in prison. Ashley I don’t care if you draw porn of your oc. I care when your rude to people that are just trying to criticize you and help your oc be better. 

You don’t have to take criticism it’s not mandatory. But just know in life especially in the art world people are gonna fucking criticize you. And from the way you respond to any type of criticism good or bad is any indicator of your future it’s gonna be a fucking long road for you hun. Because I’m sorry to say no professional animation studio especially the one that’s animating the Pokémon series right now will let your animations air on TV assuming that you want Ash x Ashley to be cannon. And you also have to work with people in animation who also may criticize you. And if you don’t want to go into the animation industry or art industry.... then I still want you to apply this at least a little. All it takes is “I don’t want to improve my character I’m sorry but thank you for caring about my OC.” Because that what most of these people do. They only want you and your oc to be better. There not attacking you or anything though some can turn it down with the sarcasm. You want people to stop being mean? Be nice to them. Kill them with kindness. Be sensible and don’t get angry someone does something that bugs you. 

You need to work on your attitude more than anything I couldn’t honestly care less about everything else. I only criticized it here for the people that actually want to learn. Do what you want but just realize when your as rude as this more people will just come and give you more disrespect. Because you know your being fucking rude. Other than that do whatever the hell you want accept maybe probably not the incest thing. You can have a skitty Cat neko girl oc. I have a lot of Pokémon OCs that are sexy, kawaii, and got big ol tits. But if you honest to god want people to like them un-ironically. Improve them. Try and watch movie, tv shows, and game reviews. That’s how I learn.

And next time don’t rant about a video that’s two years old. As I’ve said before Obessed Deviants has shown displeasure for there old shit. And you don’t nesiccarily bring anything new to the table or tell them how they can improve there content you. Speaking of which this wasn’t a big problem for me but: you said you were gonna rant on endergirl but um.... yeah didn’t . I’d understand if you want to debunk any claims or show why there wrong but you don’t do that either hence me and Junkies video which I’m sure will come out before this one. 

Oh my god. I did it. Holy FUCK that was painful. Jesus.... I can’t even think of a good ending joke. I just. Idk flash a bunch of amour-shipping pictures up on the screen. Ehhh.

*outro showing fan-art and proper credits* 

sighting my sources:……

special thanks to TheNamesJunkie for helping me with this script but also frick you Junkie for stealing my memes. You weenie.

  • Listening to: Rap music
  • Reading: Soul Eater
  • Watching: Speedpaints
  • Eating: doritos and chocolate
  • Drinking: coke
Soul: *walks in* Sorry I’m late Madi is busy at work what happened?

Teacher: well it’s about your son apperently he hissed and scratched Billy but we don’t 

Soul: *looks at Billy* he looks fine to me why did he hiss at him- *looks and sees Reapers favorite stuff toy in Billy’s back pack*..... 

Teacher: well like I said we don’t have all the edvidence 

Reaper: *ears are tucked down*

Soul: Reaper did you scratch this guy?

Reaper: n-no he took Blankie! Th-that’s why I Hissed at him 

Soul: *takes blankie out of the Billy’s book bag and takes Reapers hand* come on Reaper where leaving let’s go get Nicky and Olive too

Teacher: excuse me but-

Soul: where. Leaving.

Mother (1) (Britney): Are we really letting these weird half breeds run around our school?

Soul: I’m not sure what your talking about Brit your scarier looking than most Kishen I’ve seen

Bitney: *gasp*

Madi: so you guys got caught in the rain? 

Soul, Reaper, and Nicky: *soaking wet* 

Soul: yup.

Madi: accept it stopped raining an hour ago 

All three:....

Madi: Soul your an adult are you really still embarrassed about dumb stuff? 

Soul: WHAT NO-

Madi: Olive go give Soul his chore list

Olive: ok mama

Madi: huh?! 

Olive: *tilts head* 

Soul: did she just- 

Madi: *starts crying* Soullllll

Soul: Madi breath-

Nicky: Mama What did you wanna be when you where younger

Madi:.... married to you father

Soul: oh my god Madi- 

Madi: I’ve been saving that one for years

Reaper: I wish I could chop my stupid cat ears off! 

Soul: ! Don’t talk like that Reaper.... *picks him up* I love you and your moms cat ears there wonderful 

Reaper: no one else thinks so...

Soul: that’s not true and you know it.... 

Reaper: *sniff* 

Soul: *hugs him*

Soul: *walks in* Nicky dinners ready- *something explodes* COUGH COUGH

Nicky: *holding my spell book and is covered in soot* I um was um...

Soul: Okkkkk *takes the book* no more spells for you
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I guess I didn't upload this journal before? I could've sworn I did

But yes what is the moonflower method?

Well it's a was for two characters of the same gender to have a biological child in a fantasy setting. It's just something I made up in case you all are interested. Of course you can use this for characters that can't birth children etc. 

No you don't have to credit me for this method but i would like to set some ground rules:

No bestiality. I don't care if the thing has animal like features or is an alien or something. As long as it still looks human and has human like qualities. I'm talking straight up I wanna have a fanchild of the human and this dog. 

No pedophilia. 
Speaks for itself

that's really it 

If you have any questions or you feel someone is breaking my rules contact me, but there's only some much I can do if they do. Sense the Moonflower Method is just a writing device it's not like original art or anything. 

Heres the method:

Two characters prick there finger and let the blood drop on a seed. You plant the seed in a shaded area but make sure the moon can still reach it at night. It should take 9 nights for it to grow into a giant flower then on the last night it should bloom and the baby will be born. 

If you wanna fiddle with this idea you can. change it to your standards idc. 
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Soul: *sleeping on the couch* 

Madi: *has been all day to wake him so she’s filling a water bucket*

Soul: *finally wakes up* Uh- wha what happened? 

Madi: *holding the bucket* Soul you need to stop sleeping all day and spend time with me

Soul: where you about to splash me with a giant water bucket in the house?

Madi: yes

Soul:.... kinda want you to do it now

Madi: *splashes him*


Madi: *very sleepy* 

Soul:.... I wonder *starts petting her*

Madi: Soul...? What are you....? *falls asleep in his lap*

Soul: oh my god she’s literally a dog 


Soul: in head: wait if I get up she’ll get up and run away- oh fuck- *out loud he reaches for the remote* carrrreeeefulllly

Madi: *wakes up* hm?

Soul: ohshit

Madi: oh am I in your way? *gets up and leaves*

Soul:.... *crying internally*

Madi: *sigh* 

Blackstar: Why are you sulking?

Madi: Souls just.... been ignoring me lately... I’m not sure how to get his attention without being annoying... I’m worried he might not care...


Madi: uh-

Soul and Delilah: *burst in the room* who. Did. It.

Madi: that’s one way I guess...

Soul: Madi

Madi: yes? *has like five stray puppies in her coat*

Soul: do you have something you want to tell me?

Madi:.... no

Soul: how come you rarely ever flirt with me? 

Madi: what do you mean? I'm not good at flirting 

Soul: what are you talking about? Your pretty good at it.... go on trying to flirt with me

Madi: *finger guns* Hey baby... uh... wanna resonate with me? 

Soul: *blushes and facepalms* THAT was bad 

Madi: I can’t do it on contact it just comes naturally ok?! 

Soul: Madi catch *throws ball at me*

Madi: *gets hit in the face.... wasted*

Soul: oh shit oh my god Madi are you ok?! 

Madi: Soul whyyyy I’m not good at sporttttts 

Soul: ithoughtyoucouldcatchitimsorry ;~;

Soul: I will find a sport you like! *rummaging through a bag* 

Madi: Good luck-

Soul: *pulls out frisbee* Madiiii~


Soul: ohhhh did I find it? *throws it*

Madi: *chases it* FRISBEEEEE
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I’m gonna keep talking about it till it becomes a meme

because they are fucking massive

fucking big ass milk makers hot damn 

id go gay for those tits 
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I make a meme or redesign making fun of people.

new people favorite and talk about it.

i make something unoriginal but put more effort than I do into the memes 

no one favorites it

put a lot of effort into an original thing 

no one favorites or comments


why do you guys watch me if your not gonna favorite or comment? At least every now any again would be appreciated jfc.
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So last time we talked about cliches in writing. Before that we talked about why and incest pedophillic relationship was bad writing. And now where here to talk about an abusive relationship writing gone wrong GOODYYYYYY. 

So Tsuuuuuun showed me this lovely fanfiction by 707Fangirl I was originally gonna do this journal on her Fire Eblem character Bertidle there’s a couple of reasons why I didn’t do this:

1. Tammy doesn’t write full on stories of her characters she writes small fragments of fan fictions. Which makes them just really boring and impossible to judge. I’d just be repeating myself from the last journal saying it’s lazy. 

2. I literally can’t do anything FE related anymore without feeling dirty. I haven’t picked up my FE cartridge in ages because of Tammy. She’s literally ruined it for me and I can’t get back into it. So I wouldn’t know much about Colms character and what he likes. (I mean I know his character well enough to know he wouldn’t like some rando but whatever I’m still not doing it.) 

So instead I’m critiquing something that isn’t romantic rather the opposite end of the spectrum. “Abusive Relationships” I put it in quotes because Tammy shows Tambeck as abusive and misinterprets Lineback a lot. 

I’m linking the status Tsun sent me…

Read all of it? Good. 

Chapter One: ”what the fuck is even happening Tammy and Lineback are married with no fucking context wtf” 

yeah so.... without ANY context what so ever. Jesus Harold Christ Tammy knows nothing about fucking pacing. It literally went from zero to fucking mock  speed in two sentences. I’d argue Ashley has a better grasp at pacing. 

Speaking of which I’d just like to point out that Tammy is extremely hypocritical I’d says she’s worse than Ashley when it comes to misinterpreting characters. From what I heard Lineback is a pirate esc Guy but he still cares about people. At least Ashley’s version of Misty and Serena don’t fucking threaten other characters. Tammy just straight up uses murder and being in a forced abusive relationship to get pity points without even building up to it or expanding upon it. But will get into more of that later. My point is Tammy’s not only a hypocrite but she does the thing that a person she hates does worse than the person she hates.

Chapter Two: “Apperently Tammy was pregananant and then she gets killed or something it’s just another very very poor attempt to make people feel sad for her character” 

So something I think I regretted to mention in my writers standpoint on Ashley was: you might wanna build up the two character relationship before you have a tragedy in romance. Or if you wanna do that write it in a way that’s not forced or for lack of a better word “cliche”. I feel like I’m gonna have to rewrite this to give a better example I’m using Souldi as an example because I don’t want Tammy to plagerized my writing:

”Madi’s eyes had little bits of warmth when she looked into Souls face. She had deep cuts pouring out blood. Hope shines in Souls eyes even though he was crying... “Soul...,” Madi whispered slightly “please don’t cry,” she used the last bit of strength she had to whipe his tears away. “No it’s not! Look at you! Look at us! Don’t you see you idiot you might die! Why didn’t you tell me?! Why didn’t come with me?!” Soul clinged to Madi hugging her tight but holding back so much trying not to hurt her... she was already in so much pain.... but he was happy she was still alive.... He wasn’t going to let his friend die here.... he was going to beat this witch to a pulp for doing this to her,” 

using words and being descriptive leaves more of an impact even in script like works like Tammy’s you can do this. I’ve done it before with A Maddening Twist in Time. Yes this isn’t my best work, it’s not gonna make people bawl because again there’s no context, but I feel like it leaves more of an impact to use intellect and big vocabulary. And if it’s a written out thing like a comic. Facial expressions and positioning of a character or characters inner thoughts help too. ;) 

Chapter Three: “Bitch wtf I say about using Rowan in your shit? I said I’d smack the fuck outta you verbally,” 

again its just her being “cliche” and overly dramatic. Making characters out of character. I am a hypocrite I’ve made Maka the villain in some of my stories before but I have sense then stopped because I’ve always liked Maka and Soma is better than Souldi anyways so. 

If Tammy ever gets into Soul Eater can we ship her with Ox?

Actually never mind. Ox character is actually decent and I ship Kim and him way to much. Ox is too good for Tammy tbh.

Chapter Four: “way to make fun of depression and alcoholism jack ass,” 

So wait were supposed to be rooting for Tammy and yet she’s doing shitty things to a character that’s totally being misrepresented and now she’s sounding like a snood snarky little bitch. Are we really supposed to feel simpathetic after that comment? 

Ok ok ok let’s forget all that. So like. This story like Ashley’s: has no fucking point. No moral or theme. That’s kinda a major thing a story needs to have or else why even fucking write it? Unless it’s comedy which I can understand but it’s not. Where supposed to feel sad and simpathetic towards Tammy. Not just fucking laugh it off. You can’t change tones that fucking quickly. Or at least Tammy can’t do it. So what are we supposed to feel? Sad or happy? She can’t tell me that it was written for comedy. I understand dark humor but I think people that like dark humor wouldn’t laugh at this. They’d probably just laugh about how poorly this story is written.

the so bad it’s good kinda thing you know? 

Anyway im out this bitch. If Tammy didnt learn something from this well I hope y’all did. 

If you think something off about my critques please I’m open the criticism.

love y’all!
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I justcame up with a theory. Now guys this is all speculation but I think I got why Tammy doesn’t want any gift art. 

Its so she can complain and play victim. So she can get people to feel sorry for her. Problem is she does more damage than good. 

So lets see Tammy you want fanart and to be popular (and if you deny the popular thing I will fucking lose my mind dont fucking lie to me cunt.) but when people offer it to you. You get all pissy like it’s not good enough. 

How are you this fucking retarded? There’s a difference between being paranoid and just being a fucking stupid jackass. 

why does it fucking matter if a person ships tambeck? It’s free art. I don’t like Sans x Frisk but if someone who shipped that walked up to me and said “hey I’ll draw your oc for free in anyway you want” I wouldn’t complain. Tammy you get more people asking to draw your oc than I do (I think I don’t actually check) You can shut your fucking mouth about fanart. 

There is literally no other reason for you to deny request and art trades so fucking rudely other than you just fish hooking for what little attention people are giving you. 
So here comes another theory: you actually like the drama. Don’t you Tammy? You just like being the center of attention. I mentioned this is “What do they all have in common” journal. You don’t care if you’re seen as a good person or not. When I can start comparing you to Ace of all people than you know something wrong Tammy. You’ve gotten so lazy you don’t care about your reputation anymore. You only care about yourself and how popular you are. The problem is your method isn’t working anymore. No one wants to watch you anymore because they’ll be put on blast. 

Funny how karma works isn’t it ladies and gents? Karma has a field day everyday with you Tammy. You are literally Karmas little bitch. She has you chain down with a steel leash.... she’s not letting go anytime soon. 
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Soul: don’t embarass me- Hi Soul Eater current Death Scythe of Death City

Madi: and I’m Madi ultimate dead memer

Soul: just get up and play basketball with us

Madi: *totally fake acting* oh no my crystal powers must be on the fritz I can’t seem to get up I’m stuck to the grounnnnd 

Soul: Madi I swear to god.

Soul: Madi did you know Kid and Liz are dating?! 

Madi: Mi no hablo ingles senor 


Blair: So if you two had kids would you call them puppies or kittens? or.... Puptens?


Soul: so I brought chocolates and if you promise not to eat them all I’ll give you extra kisses

Madi: I- wait-..... That doesn’t make any sense-

Soul: *grins* 

Madi: oh my god did you just make a pun and flirt with me at the same time? 

Soul: *grins more* 

Madi: you sly son of a bitch I love you so much

Soul: her dumb puns and jokes don’t make me laugh! 

Madi: are you sure Soul? You seem pretty *does a dumb pose* hysterical


Madi: *still in the pose*

Soul: *snicker*

Madi: *double winks*

Soul: *slams head on desk* GODDAMMIT ITS NOT FUCKING FUNNY

Soul: stop being so nervous and just be honest we’re just dancing

Madi: I feel like I’m gonna throw up

Soul: uh-

Madi: you asked me to be honest and I am and now I’m even more nervous

Soul: Madi why do you play this scary shit? 

Madi: same reason I like you I like scary shit

Soul: HEY

Madi: why the hell do you like me

Soul: because your cool 

Madi: not very specific...

Soul: fine why do you like me?

Madi: *deep inhales* Your eyes are a beautiful crimson ruby red though always tired have a sharp but loyal look in them, although when I look deeper I see the softer side that I feel no one else can see. You hair is white as snow which happens to be my favorite season and it looks really fluffy and I could touch it all day every day. And I know I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t mention your amazing bod. Your tough guy act but cool attitude makes much heart melt but even when you aren’t doing that like when you make mistakes and bumble around like an idiot you make me laugh and you always care for your friends even me even though I’ll probably never know why. 

Soul:..... *turns red*

Madi: um.... I mean.... your petty cool too?-

Soul: Jesus Christ Madi why do you have to be so goddamn better at this than me?

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I don’t understand why CinemaSins feels the need to say whatever is “Cliche” is a movie sin even if it’s done with something new or written in the “right” way. 

Cliche has been used as more of a word of insult or to say something is bad. to say someone or some thing isn’t original. 

When you hear “You’re so cliche” it makes you feel un-original right? I breifly mentioned this in my Journal called “Ash x Ashley and why it’s bad writing” on @/TheRealAshleyKetchum, But let me make something clear: Cliches. Aren’t. Bad. 

It’s how you handle them. There a lot like characters in a sense that you need to put some thought and effort into them for them to be likable and interesting. But most importantly: EXPLORE POSIBILITIES. 

I feel like making characters has become such a copy paste thing. Something I never see people do is explore things in actual stories and the worlds the characters are in. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer making characters over writing actual stories and getting attached and relating to characters. It’s one of the main reasons I like Soul Eater so much they don’t explain every little detail about the world, but that also leads to the writer making up rules as he goes and somethings not making sense. But I rarely see people actually explore with the cliches and story types they are given. It’s always just characters main focus. At least on deviantart and the internet. Oc’s are more popular than the worlds they derive from and that’s kinda dissapointing honestly. 

But back to my point about cliches and exploring possibilities: break the rules. That’s all I’m gonna say. You hear all these guidelines and shit to writing so you get into this mindset of “oh this has to be this way, or oh that’s cliche and isn’t good enough,” while yes I still think some ground rules need to be set (morally or just for the story to be interesting and make sense) When it comes to cliches: twist it, bend it, turn it upside down and shake it. Fuck the rules. 

As as long as you think you can make it work. To me the key to that is the dialogue. Characters expressing the morals they are trying to show with the cliche through words and emotions. But this can also be done with no dialogue at all and just through pure pleasant emotions. Corny stuff is also not a bad thing in my opinion. But again don’t use my opinion to stop yourself from doing what YOU want. 

Going back to Soul Eater for a bit let’s talk about those characters: while no not all of them get as much characterization or dialogue as I like. These characters are stuff with cliches. Come on you know they are. 

Soul is the tough, loyal as a dog, but reckless guy that may or may not make stupid mistakes on occasion. But as episodes go on we see that he grows into this caring person, that is afraid of socializing, doesn’t even know who he is doing tones of inner “Soul searching” eh? Eh? (I’ll see myself out), and is always there (for Maka especially) to comfort his friends even if he doesn’t quiet know how. 

We also see that Maka is just as reckless as her partner. And also can make some pretty dumb decisions. She doesn’t always come up with plans and shit she just has at it and it tends to work out whenever she does it that way.

again completely the opposite of what we were shown in the first issue or anime depending on what you’ve watched

this can also apply to stories as well. Soul Eaters story is also kinda cliche when you think about it but what saves it is it’s concept and again:
the mother
along with what can happen or what does happen in the plot. The manga obviously does this last part better I’m just saying- again I know that’s subjective but still the mangas really mcfreaking good.

But I think what media has done a very well known cliche very well is the Mother fucking LEGO movie. 

I know if I didn’t mention it someone would come and chop my non-existent balls off

yes the LEGO movie very very literally reverses the “chosen one” trope and did it beautifully. But yes reversing the cliche is very easy: but also it’s hard to make it well... not a cliche itself? It’s hard to see this thing done in an “original” way. But I’m also not gonna go balls to the wall crazy if I see something I deam “un-Original” because well I myself like cliches. I like it when there over blown in characters it’s kinda funny. 

But again staying on topic cliches are kinda dangerous to play with but if you know what you know the moral, dialogue, and you all around know what you want and what your doing is very rewarding when you play and explore with them.

thats my point of the journal to make people think and come up with original ideas from cliches. But I also didn’t want to go the route of “everything is a cliche” well to turn those cliches and make them into your own story and characters cliches are only bad if you don’t use them properly or use them in a reemedeming situation. 

I often see writers (or maybe this is just me) put themselves into the mindset of: “I have to follow all these rules and restrictions because if I don’t everyone will hate my story and or character and I’ll be remembered as a horrible writer,” no dont do that. Take those rules and restrictions and bend the fuck out of them. Break them. Fucking sour on them. 

Its your fucking imagination your world is your oyster farm. And if you don’t think an idea works scrap it or try to fix it. Whatever works for you. 
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10. Soma is better because it’s cuter 

9. Soma has more interaction 

8. Soul would fuckin hate me in real life

7. I’m fucking ugly as fuck 

6. I’m annoying as fuck

5. Soma has tsundere feel so it’s good

4. Both would die for each other

3. Soul almost died for Maka and obviously secretly has feelings

2. Maka obviously has secret feelings

1. It’s just better and the hole fandom agrees

CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries CosmicFrenchFries 
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Let’s talk about perfect relationships in writing. 

Writing is an amazing form of art that lets you conjure up anything in your mind any world any character and even relationships

The world of fiction likes to make romance seem like an adventurous fairy tale especially during the Disney Renaissance. Using it as an example I know there’s more I could go with but I’m going with this one shhhhhh. Sure the concept wasn’t new at the time but it started to die around that period.

Right after movies like Cinderalla, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty came out the idea of a “perfect” relationship slowly became tiresome. Which then led Disney to expirement with relationships. Hence beauty and the beast, Princess and the Frog, and probably my personal favorite couple wise: Tanlged. (But beauty and the beast is a close second.) 

But is it still good writing if you have a perfect relationship? 

Well yes and no. From my experience I’ve only seen what could considered “perfect” relationships in media only as background characters relationship or the relationship doesn’t matter so they don’t go in-depth with it. And it’s the main focus on most of her stories so.... why does she never expirement with it? 

What I classify as “not perfect” is the characters still having differences, still being flawed, and maybe even get into an arguement. 

Don’t think just because a character doesn’t argue with another doesn’t mean there relationship isn’t flawed. 

But what does this have to do with TheRealAshleyKetchum x Ash? 

Let’s forget about the incest, pedophillia, and horrible grammar/spelling thing for a minute and actually dicuss why it’s bad from a writers standpoint. 

Listen I don’t mind two characters that are together being cute. But that’s all they ever do. we rarely see them ever working with each other. Talking. Saying WHY they love each other. And no I don’t count “he/she is beautiful and or perfect,” that’s lazy. 

Something i covered about Ashley and three others in my last journal.

Sense a common theme with Ashley’s “fanfics” is too totally misrepresent Misty and Serena and make them jealous blundering idiots (even though many times they have shown to be very talented girls with motives and more character than Ashley’s has) let’s talk about tragedies in romance.

If a writer doesn’t feel like making to characters fight they’ll often through in a 3rd party to reck BOTH of these characters days

this can range to: Jealous ex or random characters being a little to over protective wanting to harm, or kill a character in the relationship of both or just harm there relationship to get with one character. The main character having to move away for reasons like war, school, moving etc. One character getting fatally wounded or sick. 

There are lots of possibilities to explore with this but for now let’s talk about the main one Ashley uses: Jealous characters of said relationship. 

Lets all be honest she uses this trope way to much and way to cliche like. I’m guilty of this to I’ll be honest.

Well kinda: Yuno my scorpion witch character. Wants to be with Soul. And if you know anything about me or my content you know that I ship myself with Soul. >Soul Eater - Soul Smile this guy here.

She doesn’t do it because she’s jealous: more to spite and belittle me. She thinks I’m ugly and an abomination (because I’m a half witch and I’d think that be considered an abomination if you know anything about the Soul Eater universe) She doesn’t do it because I’m beautiful and perfect she does it because I’m the exact opposite of that in her eyes. She thinks pure evil and eating innocent souls is a good thing. She’s basically my own self doubt and my fear if I ever get into a relationship I won’t be good enough no matter what I do. 

This is obviously the exact opposite of what Ashley does. She goes the cliche route of: oh I’m beautiful Ash fuck me in my cat booty. 

(I apologize for that imagery I may have just given you.) 

I’m not saying Ashley should just follow my lead and do everything that I do because I don’t think I’m the best writer in the world and Yuno herself is kinda a cliche in her own right just with a deeper meaning. all I’m saying is she should be creative with the situations she’s been using. Cliches are only one ingredient to a great story. You have to add you own spices and flavors to make it interesting. And not just cliche. Because just cliche can kill your readers attention.... like poison 


Also I do not count Ash kissing Serena, Ash kissing Misty, or Ash ignoring Ashley as a tragedy because it was literally solved right then and there and never brought up again. I’ve also done similar things in rps and I still did do more with it than Ashley. I only think it’s tragdy if it’s expanded upon and talked about. And most importantly not solved immediately.

if you wanna nit-pick yes it’s still technically a tragedy by my own definition but it doesn’t leave enough emotional impact and isn’t built up enough to have any sort of lasting effect. It doesn’t make the audience think or get worried that there not together and it doesn’t help she hasn’t made any fanfictions about Ashley and Ash before they where dating and how it was built up. Most of the time that’s really important for a romance story. 

And the final thing someone may bring up is: Ashley is a Yandere so therefore there relationship is flawed. Going under the over protective, toxic, and maybe even abusive relationship 

yes normally when you write “Yandere” relationships it’s normally very toxic and onesided or the person is oblivious like in Yandere simulator or something.

but I don’t count this as a flaw either. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that Ash knows about Ashley’s over protective behaviors and “loves her anyway” that’s not flawed that falls into perfect again because Ash is probably just letting her kill innocents for him and life goes on as normal.

i think most situations where character A loves character B even though there probably emotionally unstable and slaughtered many people. Is typically disliked because you know: there a murderous psycopath. Or at least written in a way that it’s not toxic and is actually shown as a positive thing. Because I know someone will mention Harley Quinn and Joker to me. That relationship is toxic as fuck. 

But what about the two characters themselves do they have any personality or any good and interesting interactions?

Well lets take a look at Ashley’s.... lovely fanfictions 

*a few readings later*

well thats 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Any of these interactions could be in the corniest of romance films and it still feel cliche. Again going back to the no effort thing let’s go over the plots of the fanfics I was able to read:

“Misty kisses Ash after Ash ignores her for like a day and he had just confessed to Ashley and she’s all conflicted”

again ignoring the little things that bother me lets me let’s talk about the big picture.

we mostly read about how heart broken Ashley is after the kiss and then writer Ashley does a one eighty with the mood and says OH EVERYTHINGS FINE THERE DATING NOW

after she just said that she wasn’t even sure if he had feelings for him. 

Needless to say that is contradictory on how you feel about someone. Why even mention she didn’t know how to feel? if not 10 seconds later she starts bawling because her Ash-senpai was kissed by another girl.

“It’s the time of white cold shit on the ground, and Ashley and Ash are walking through the woods and Ashley’s cold so Ash gives her a scarf or something and for some reason Misty is there and she falls into Black snow. Because she was fealous or something idk (Why is it black snow huh? Got something against blacks Ashley you fuckin racist-)” 

Like her rant on the Obessed Devaints this story has no point. As in nothing interesting happens. 

“Cute” quote on quote exchanges are made between Ashley and Ash and Misty gets abused

”ITS CRIMAS and Ashley and Ash are walking again and Misty and Serena in very out of character like manor chucks a snowball at Ashley but Ash protects her and they both get stuck in a tree or something” 

basically the same problem with the last one it’s short boring and shows nothing or gives us not reason to care

The last one I’m reading because I read them out of order (and no it doesn’t matter what order you read them in) it’s basically the exact same as the first one. But with Serena. 

thats... basically all her fan fictions. 

There just dull and boring as stories and that’s why Ash x Ashley is so disliked

Ashley gives us no reason to care about this relationship because it’s just so perfect and a copy and paste of older fairytale’s and plays. And even those did them better:

Most Disney had a shit life and were kinda to others so why shouldn’t she get the happy ending? 

Ashley gives us no reason to keep the ship afloat other than “there just cute” which are not good reasons. 

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this little journal and learned something

remember do NOT attack anyone this journal is just my opinion and do not cram it down anyone’s throats I’m certainly not the best writer by any means. If you have any problems feel free to comment I’m all ears all criticism is welcome and I’ll try my best to apply it. 
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What do XxDarkMusical2000xX, TheRealAshleyKetchum, AceMoonThunder, and 707Fangirl have in common? 

Deep down.... there all basically the same person. Yes there are subtle differences. Like two different colors of a rats fur.... but in the end rats mostly think alike. There animals the rummage through the trash. I don’t think one person I’ve mentioned is better than the other. 

Ashley puts Ash Ketchum in sexual situations and has sexualized minors before. Drawing things like nudes of herself when pokemon is kid friendly for the most part. I know I am a hypocrite with Pokegirl shipping between Toxi and Pancake. But the difference is Toxi and Pancake aren’t a part of the anime’s nor movies there my own character for my own version of Pokémon. Ash is a 12 year old kid with an 18 year old women. And if you know anything about minor laws you’ll know this is not ok.
See @/IWishForAFish’s video on @TruthLelyGaia and skip to 2:04 for my point…
not to mention when people try to criticize her or jut be nice she blocks her. She tries to act like this “Holyier than though” whenever someone tries to criticize her or make fun of her. Which gives us plenty more reasons to make fun of her. Ashley had the mentality “if I just ignore them and do whatever the hell I want they’ll go away”. But that’s not how it works. She ignores the people while some are yes very rude: are just trying to help. It’s the reason why she got the ED in the first place and why it’s still up. 

Where do I begin with Ace? Ace is an 11 year old child that doesn’t understand anything that’s explained to him. Even when it’s broken down to its simplest of forms. And when he’s told “no” or he gets in trouble he throws a fit. He’s also a massive hypocrite. Again going back to Toxi, he called her a rip-off because she wore fingerless gloves in one picture, and then when I gave him her personality to show him she’s original he proceeded to call her a rip-off even more. And then use one of Toxis likes out of pure spite. And then not just 3 days ago. He rips off my design of a fakemon then proceeds to block me when I call him out, unlblock me, then re-block me when I get the picture taken down. And now he’s posting his “redesigns” of fakemon which look much worse than the originals. And hes also sexually frustrated because he had a boner (reminding everyone this kids fucking 11) from a 6 year old girl doing a pose in a show that’s not even made to be sexual. And when he gets called out for his behavior he acts like he’s a perfect little angel that could do no wrong and then proceeds to hide behind terrible excuses and lies.

Dark is well.... Dark. She threatens people when she get criticized stalks them for over a year and then proceeds to get mad whenever someone wants to help. She gets mad when people redesign her stuff but uses characters without people’s persmission and doesn’t need get caught for 2 months. She puts little thought into what she does and thinks the world should pity her for dumb reasons. And then proceeds to cry more when she doesn’t get her way. I don’t have much to say about her. Because she sweeps everything wrong she does under the rug like it never happened. Like she’s broken a vase and doesn’t want to take responsibility for it.... but if you don’t pick up shards of glass: someone will get cut.

and finally Tamara or Tammy, tammy, tammy yesh... what a handful you are. You threaten people, you lie, you steal, you use rape as a fucking joke. You yell at people when they don’t draw up to your standards but then you proceed to get mad whenever someone criticizes your art. Like Dark you sweep your shit under the rug when you don’t want to take responsibility for something. You never own up to your actions. You say you want to improve but never do you go back to your old ways in like a week. Everyone knows about you at this point. It’s a wonder you haven’t been deactivated. Your horrible attitude shouldn’t be on this site. I’ve alreay said my piece about you I’m not repeating myself

so... what do they all have in common? Is it there iniablity to keep there sexual desires in check? No. Is it there poor artsyles? Close but no. It’s...

lack of effort. None of them put in the effort to be a good person or artist. They may say they “try” but they really don’t. Ashley’s artstyle has technically improved but she hasn’t fixed her bratty bitchy attitude nor her character I’d say her character has gotten progressively worse. A similar case with Ace he has techinically “changed” his artstyle but his writing and character had not changed at all. It’s gotten progressively worse over time. While dark and Tammy’s characters have no personality at all. I kinda can’t speak for dark because her grammar is awful and I could never tell what the hells going on. Most of them are either love interest for characters or just... boring characters. Tammy has a similar problem she doesn’t like writing bios because it’s “to hard” I’m not all that great at writing bios but I still try. Every status post I see one of her characters in its always; killing someone or a character, being “depressed”, or fucking another fictional character. No personality at all it’s mostly just that.

none of these people put the love, passion, care, and time into these characters and it shows. Dark post like 5 new characters a day and there never brought up again. Most of them look the same. Ashley only post well Ashley so you’d think that would help her improve but she’s so stubborn on being lazy and not actually learning about the thing she wants to do she’s hit a stale mate with her character. Her improvements have not made it any better. And it shows. Same thing with Tammy she’s to lazy and stubborn to change her ways. She may say she wants to but she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to learn. Neither does Ace nor Dark all four of them are just lazy. they don’t want to improve on themselves. There like children. They haven’t been properly taught that you need to put effort in life. That lazyniess isn’t rewarded. And the problem is people are rewarding them. Excluding Ace kinda.

people will watch these girls irioncally or just to help or keep and eye on them. Don’t do this. It’s so disheartening to see talented artists get pushed away while these people that put almost no effort into anything they do get over 200-500+ watchers. That’s not a HUGE number I know but it’s still more than the talented people that I see that are against this sort of thing. 

People may say: oh Madi there not that bad, or oh Madi there just trolling, no they are not. Please stop degrading issues to “trolling”. I’m tired of people telling me “don’t give them attention there just trolls” 

Tammy is much dumber but also kinda smarter than you averages troll. She in some middle grey area but that I can’t really explain 

Ashley has put made a 28 minute long video (I’m still working on that commentary btw) about other people and I know this is contradictory but she tried. The problem is she didn’t try enough she only put in a very very low amount of effort. So she’s still came off as a bitch.

Ace has proven to be 11 and acts a lot more weird then your average troll and again put in some amount of effort but just not a lot. Think of it like a shitty volcanoe at the science fair. Like a really shitty broken one. That’s the effort they put it might look a bit ok but it still gets like a D-

Dark is again to weird and puts forth some effort.

oh Madi you just contradicted yourself. I mean yes but also no. Yes they put effort into little tiny areas. Like they do it less than half assed. It’s almost like a chore for them it feels like. To put in any effort into making themselves better. If you don’t want to do something your not gonna want to put in your best effort: I’m sure all of you have been in this situation before, your parents tell you to do something but you want to play: so you do the thing half-assed when your parents see your crimes they scold you and tell you to do it again. That’s what they all do. All four of them are little kids. See my point? 

And no the “they don’t have to take critism arguement” does not apply here because all of them express they want to be popular. So they should at least put forth the fucking effort to be popular. And not in the fake way there doing right now. If your only popular because your being shitty there’s something wrong. Which goes back to the point of don’t watch these people. Like at all. That’s just rewarding them for there shit behavior. No they don’t have to take criticism of there art but at least on themselves. Because you know. Again there all being pretty shitty.  

This is a big problem I see in the da community shitty trolls and shitty users get all of the attention. And no good artist do. Yes I think we should give attention to trolls and stupid people. But don’t watch them. none of them put in care effort or time into their craft and they still get rewarded.

but back on topic... this mentality has got to stop. The lazy mentality that everyone’s just a bully and I don’t have to improve myself if I just hide behind insults, and deleting shit. I see it way to often. If you want to be a good artist you have to put in the effort. You have to TRY. None of them put in a hundred percent. There all cut from the same cloth. And just painted a slightly different color. There not being bad people just for the fuck of it. There being bad people because they refuse to change themselves. There stubborn to just sit in there ass all day and do nothing and gain from doing nothing. That’s what they all have in common. 
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Can I just

make a full on parody of Diabolik Lovers? 


I havent watched the anime or played played the game in a long while (nor do I really want to) 

but i remember it just being.... really bad and stupid.

dont correct me on this because I wanna make an actual good story on this

please let me have my moment I’m begging.
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please stop trying to one-up Tanbird.…

If you have actual critism to give that’s fine but the thing is I assume you know nothing about the style of writing so I doubt you’ll be able to tell if anything’s wrong with it.

also about your new rules on your DA:

1. People are aloud to block you honey. They have plenty of reasons:
-you lie about being kind and gentle 
-you supported a guy that fucked his dog with a pen. And a girl that is probably one of the brattiest and selfish mother fuckers I’ve ever met on this site.
-you are extremely rude and passive aggressive I don’t care if you have “anger issues” it’s not an excuse. If it’s as bad as you say go see a fuckin therapist. 

also you are EXTREMELY hypocritical and biased. Let’s see... who did you support that blocks people for simple criticizing her? Oh wait 707Fangirl fuck off. No ones gonna believe a biased journal about you yelling “woe is me someone blocked me because I was probably being a rude pessimistic bitch that can’t handle being wrong and or because I’ve done some pretty shitty things and still am,” 

2. Oh by reporting shit? Oh how awfffffullllll. I’m sooooo scared. Again. Fuck off. Your not smart. Anyone with half a brain cell can report someone. Fuckin hell- no one is gonna submit to your dumbassary. 

3. Bitch. No. You are not a good person. Let me get one thing straight: I don’t care what you support. I don’t care what you do as long as your not being a fucking dick weed to anyone. If your have an opinion that you know someone doesn’t want to hear: keep it to your fucking self. And Ivy. You never keep it to yourself. Ever. Fuck off with that bs. 

now I’m off to go burn some Posion oak. It’s not that much different that Ivy herself. It’s annoying when you get tangled in it and it gives you a rash. 

So. To keep in the theme of being a savage bitch: All of you block Ivy. Thanks :)
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Jade sweetie honey bunches.

not. In. Fucking. My. House.…

Honey if you didnt want a fucking fight why did you act so fucking rudely?

Jade not fucking ok. You’ve been caught thot.
also a rant on blue would be fucking pointless 
just stop.
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  • Listening to: Rap music
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  • Watching: Speedpaints
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